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Workspace Social Media Promotion | Dashworks Workspace

This Maker Moment is all about setting a mood, Dashworks needed a broad content piece aimed for multiple social media platforms, to show Workspace as both a professional, efficient environment to appeal to businesses, but also as a fun, vibrant and comfortable space to the people working within. These ideas don't have to be diametrically apposed but it is a balancing act that requires finesse to achieve. Starting with an energetic track to drive the Maker Moment helps set the pace, as we need to keep the run time under 60 seconds to be compatible with Instagram's video uploading restrictions. Then it's a matter of balancing the Moment with informative shots of the locale and amenities, with personal footage of people engaging, laughing and smiling.

By partnering with Maker Moments, the production value of your content will set you apart from the rest, at a much lower cost of investment than if you were to rely solely on in-house content creation, not only at the cost of equipment but the years of experience needed to manage the creative problem solving that content creation requires.

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