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About Us

About Us

Maker Moments is an innovative process that will elevate your business’ creative output, strengthening your relationship with your audience. We take a modern approach; content is capital and by investing in content creation you ensure that your business is always facing forward no matter what platform you’re on. Maker Moments fosters an ongoing partnership to reduce the impact that content creation can have on your business. With each repeat engagement we will develop a library of content to reach your audience. This curation of Maker Moments will become a staple of your cultural identity. 

Our process is simple, a typical engagement will begin with an ideation meeting, a melding of minds that will help us come to cultural alignment. Then we organise a time for content capture and prepare what we need to make the production as smooth as possible. On the day of capture we will arrive to your business with all the equipment needed to ensure your content is of the highest production value, and after, we will pare down our assets into content that can be integrated into your website and social media strategy.

From here our partnership can only grow, by building a library of assets for your business we can re-purpose and re-imagine new content and engagements providing an efficient method of content creation with minimal hassle. 

Graham Mitchell

A founder of several startups, Graham has crafted an entrepreneurial instinct to help craft Maker Moments that celebrate your story louder and further. 

Luke Gayner

Luke is driven by an endless urge to create. This led to his own video production business, Dumb Luck Productions, this allowed Luke to channel his passion behind the camera and share his creations. 

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