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Website Backdrops & Self-Appreciation | Dantia

It's not often that you get to take a step back, breathe and appreciate the hard work put into a project, but having the chance to work on the new website design for Dantia and provide the video backdrop was one of those moments. Of course our contribution is only one part of the websites design, with design by Shorthand Studio and photos by Good Thanks Media.

The process of capturing the footage for the background wasn't easy, it needed to display the multiple facets of the Lake Macquarie area, such as recreation, construction, industry and transport. This in and of itself was no simple feat, requiring numerous locations, times of day and the near perfect weather conditions... then COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works.

Suddenly Charlestown square was empty, as were the roads, while everyone was learning to make sourdough in lock-down we still needed to capture footage for the website. Luckily sheer perseverance prevailed and we managed to create a looping video asset that shows off Lake Macquarie in all it's glory.

Normally his would be the end of the story, after delivery we would find more content to capture and new Maker Moments to celebrate, but about a week ago I was informed of the fantastic news that the freshly launched Dantia website had earned The Best Designs site of the day. When I heard, I visited the site again, and took a moment to celebrate the victory. This is the philosophy of Maker Moments, celebrating your moments louder and further.

So as we finish patting ourselves on the back, we can't forget to send a huge congratulations to Shorthand Studio, Good Thanks Media and Dantia for all of their hard work.

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