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Dean From My Goal Australia | Dashworks Workspace

When searching for Maker Moments to capture, sometimes the best story to tell is that of your clients. This was the case when working on an engagement with Dashworks Workspace. After hitting it out of the park on the 'Meet Holly' and 'A Day At Dashworks With Sahil' Maker Moments over at Makespace, we turned out eyes on to the shared working space centred in Charlestown. These Maker Moments are fantastic for getting an impression of your business directly from your intended audience, and asking a client to feature in your next moment can strengthen your relationship with them, instilling a sense of pride and value in the service or product you provide them.

This was definitely the case with Dean Kidd from My Goal Australia. My Goal is a growing company that encompasses a variety of specialist disability supports under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Dean was perfect for this Maker Moment, his passion in his work and love of working at Dashworks shone through in his words, and the final product helped both Dashworks and My Goal Australia to celebrate their moments louder and further. Not only did we provide social media content for Dashworks but by providing Dean with a copy of the Moment with My Goal branding he was able to utilise it on the My Goal Australia homepage reinforcing his relationship with Dashworks.

So the next time you're thinking of content creation, consider turning the focus outward.

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